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Bali Diving is an adventure which will capture your imagination. The sea is full of types, color and sizes of fish which are too numerous to count. The fish, corals and plant life will amaze you. This is the last frontier on Earth to explore.

The challenge of diving in Bali and discovering the world of color and diversity under the sea is a fun and healthy sport. in Bali Dive Site You can feel the exhilaration as you slip beneath the surface and all of the magic wonders are there to amaze you. Your beautiful aquatic surrondings can be so very interesting that at times your will not want to come back to land.
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Ena Dive Center & Marine Adventures is Scuba Diving center with A 5 STAR GOLD PALM PADI RESORT, PADI Dive Course and Bali dive travel in Bali, Indonesia, We have friendly English, Japanese and Indonesian speaking guides and staff who will be very happy to give all the information, We have been running our dive center for more than 24 years without an accident and we have become one of the biggest Bali diving center. Ena Dive team is trained to the highest standard of full responsibility as well as having insurance coverage and PADI standard.

We organize introduction lesson, PADI training fasilities and day trips to all of Bali's famous dive destination, Bali Diving packages, Bali beyond diving packages and also others marine adventures, water sports and project aware.

Nusa Penida offer such as FUN ADVENTURES Activities

Greeting from Ena Dive Center Bali. Please find in our newsletter a selection of dive holidays in Bali during this period, which are sure to satisfy the dreams of every diver. On this occasion Ena Dive center can take you a cross to Nusa Penida to dive in Crystal clear water and enjoy the sea life. Nusa Penida can be reached from the coast of Sanur in 1 hours by motorboat, is actually one of the three sister island in Bali. Dive can be done in all round of the Island. On the end of February our diver saw Jack Silver (Giant Trevalley), Napoleon, Shark, Manta, ECT. The water temperature is approximately 27 C and the current is quite strong but the water condition is calm, this condition is very good for do some drift diving.

For our bali fishing trip it is very good timing for bottom fishing at Nusa Penida and will guarantee you to get fish such as Snapper, grupa, triggerfish, etc. While you are enjoying the scenery of the ocean you can do trolling fishing near this Island. For trolling fishing on this month mostly can get Skipjack Tuna, Blue fin tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, Mahi – mahi etc


When was the last time you sighted Big Napoleon Wrasse and Manta Ray?
Even if you did, while you’re in Bali, you should try to dive in South West Coast of Nusa Penida Island. The coastline has dramatic limestone cliffs that descend straight into the ocean. The average size of the Manta see here is 2 – 4 meter. Since April 29th until now, we had seen lot off Manta. Now most of diver want to see, we thing you too………  

So come and join with our daily Diving Activities!

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Bali Diving - Creatures in the World…..

Bali Diving - Visit our Island to see one of the famous Creatures in the World…..

Mola – Mola season is mostly over, now is very good season to see Makro. One of  the best place to see Makro in Bali is Tulamben area. Beside of Makro there are coral, sponges, Gorgonia, schooling of big eye Travelly fish and a wide array tame and friendly fish. Tulamben also is a fun dive for all types of divers.

Other Bali dive site which famous for Makro in Bali  are Seraya, Puri Jati, Pemuteran and etc.

Lets dive with Ena Dive to have Bali diving program and a memorable memory especially for dive around Bali.

Should you need any further info, please visit our page in detail or you may call us directly at +62 361 288829, we are ready to serve you from 6.00 am until 11.00 pm or email at  visit our website